Warm Springs

I faithfully read the blog, Circle of Pine Trees, by Laura Pashby.

Some of my favorite posts from Laura document the weekend excursions, getaways and vacations she takes with family and friends. I love her kitchen stories and adventures out and about. I share with Laura a deep appreciation for the beauty in my surroundings and a sweet contentment that comes from small travels, simple pleasures, and unleashed curiosity. Laura’s travel photographs inspired me to try a few of my own

Dave and I traveled to the Allegheny Mountains of Bath County, Virginia for a two-night, three-day retreat. We stayed in the picturesque village of The Inn at Gristmill Square. The weather was gorgeous in the mountains, with temperatures in the low sixties, skies bright and sunny, with low humidity. We kept our plans simple – good food (including a farm-to-table meal at the Waterwheel restaurant), hiking, a little sightseeing, reading, relaxing, and a scheduled visit to the Warm Springs pools.

From the Bath County travel guide -

With 89% of its landscape still covered in mountain forest, Bath is a place where you can unwind, reconnect with nature, with family, with yourself, and take a gentle journey on the back roads of the mountains and the back roads of time. The George Washington National Forest covers more than 170,000 acres in Bath County, offering outdoor recreation galore.
Bath County is named for the crystal clear mineral waters of the natural warm springs, and travelers have come to Bath to soak in the springs for more than 200 years. This is the perfect place to sit on a porch on a lazy afternoon, soak away your cares in a natural spring, or climb a hill to watch the sun set.

I am never happier than when I wake up with my husband by my side, a homemade breakfast and piping hot coffee delivered to my doorstep, with time to linger on the veranda overlooking the mountains in the cool morning air. I found all this at the Inn at Gristmill Square and much more.  

The Inn at Gristmill Square
Warm Springs, Virginia Post Office                           Falling Spring Waterfall
Breakfast in Bed                                Flower Identification                                          Golden Light
waterwheel at the mill                            crab apples                                     cascading roses