on discipline

I am enjoying every word of Soul of the Camera by David duChemin. This is largely because it’s all about art and poetry and storytelling and vision and soul and not at all about technical stuff like exposure, camera settings, histograms or even worse, Photoshop or Lightroom.

On discipline . . . .

"Art can be many things and it can take many forms. It can be spontaneous and playful. It can be tremendous fun, and when we’re in a state of creative flow, it seems effortless. But it takes work to get us to a place where flow can occur. It takes discipline." –David duChemin

It was discipline that led me to take this photograph of peaches. Because even when it seemed there was nothing else to photograph in our home and my daily routine and I was feeling uninspired, I pushed through and practiced seeing. 

And it was discipline, the act of daily practice, that enabled me to take this picture of singer/songwriter Karen Jonas – performing for Music on the Steps at the library. This is after all, where I want to be, taking pictures with a human spark. Pictures I love.