Market Days

In the midst of the busyness of the Farmers Market – where shoppers fill baskets with eggs and honey and fresh produce, dogs meet and greet, kids sample berries, and vendors conduct the business of the day – there is stillness, too.

Farmers carefully arrange produce and flowers into still life scenes from simple to spectacular. Nestled alongside cardboard flats and crates and cups of early morning coffee, there are pictures begging to be taken.

Quiet views of color and shape and texture, line and form.

Whether in shadow or light, there is no effort to polish or perfect, only a display of natural and unprocessed beauty. What they make is all the more beautiful because this undertaking is not easy; this process of growing and harvesting and selling at the market is a life’s work.

Shopping in this place brings me closer to the earth, healthier in body and spirit, richer in relationships, and happier than shopping in a grocery store.