A Southern Craftsman

I value quality over quantity. I have a deep appreciation for all things handcrafted and homegrown. I see wholesomeness and integrity in things made with conscious and careful effort. I try to support local farmers, artists, and makers of all sorts wherever and whenever I can.

So it should come as no surprise that I chose David Rathbone of Saw & Mitre in Virginia Beach to frame my photographs for my upcoming exhibit, Where Inspiration Lives. I will take my turn as Artist in the Library for the month of July where I will showcase pictures from in and around Fredericksburg. This is my home, my place, and surely where inspiration lives.

David designs and builds exquisite frames. He is a passionate and accomplished photographer and understands that quality frames deepen the value and experience of a photograph. He cares about what he makes and grows his business with the courage of his convictions.

“More to the point is that it’s risky to put yourself out there with any kind of art. Whether you’re wood working, taking photographs, or making music. We all feel self-doubt, that little voice in your head that says you’re not good enough. I have it, and I’m guessing you have it, too. But if it’s something worth doing then you have to open yourself to the risk.” –David Rathbone

And I would argue that self-doubt is an integral part of the artistic process. Only through self-doubt can we arrive at well-founded confidence.

We took a road trip to Virginia Beach to pick up the prints, finding them safely nestled behind museum quality matting within frames made from the finest American lumber. David greeted us warmly and gave us a tour of his workshop. He clearly seeks to develop a relationship with his clients and is committed to service.

We left with an appreciation for the fact that art is more about feeling than seeing.

I’ll share photos of the framed prints and more on the exhibit in July, but for now, here’s David and a few images from our trip to the beach.