Coming Full Circle

In the midst of simplifying and de-cluttering our life and our home, I spent a spring afternoon sorting through frames of family photographs. I set out to pull some of my favorite pictures from their frames, those that had faded or turned an odd shade of violet, to scan and restore. Behind the picture in front, the one on display, I found there were several forgotten photographs.

This photograph was from a trip our family made to Yellowstone National Park in 2005. My son Jacob was only 8 years old in this picture. He will turn 20 this month, and I am struck by how much of the man was revealed in the boy. All these years later, the film photograph is a testament to how I see him – all wonder and wander.

I took thousands of digital photographs over the last year alone, and yet I’d sacrifice them all for this one picture.

Somewhere along the line, I got caught up in the technical aspects of making and processing pictures, trying so hard to make them perfect. Side-tracked by rules and trends and “likes,” I lost sight of what pictures really mean to me, why they matter so darn much.

I’m coming full circle, back to film and pictures to hold.