Because I’ve had positive experiences with photographer Henry Lohmeyer, I decided to join his e-course STILL, which began this week.  

Still is a photography course centered around taking time for yourself, through your photography, to see and breathe and create more deeply. To hold your photography, your expression and yourself a bit more closely. It's not an attempt to add to your already daunting schedule, but rather to give you those soft moments to look inward and be present in the moment. It's a quiet time. It's meditative.

Day 1: SPACE

My daily photo walks are my meditation. The spaces that call to me are often gardens and front porches, places that are familiar and welcoming. Home and place are central to my well-being and happiness. I find myself in these places. I gather with friends and family in these same places – in parks, on long rambling walks, on porches and in homes across kitchen tables.