cultivating confidence

I make a dedicated effort to make my email box a happy space. I curate the mail that comes in and unsubscribe is my strongest ally. I am selective about what gets in – because these notes and newsletters are what I permit to have influence. My recent favorites are the newsletters from creative coach, Jen Carrington.

In her recent Weekly Letter, Jen discusses how we can build our confidence.

Focus on your craft, not your fears

You’re always going to feel afraid at different points in this journey - that’s just an unavoidable part of living a creative life. But I’ve learned over and over again - in both my own journey and in my clients and creative friends too - that when we devote our time and energy to honing, growing, and nurturing our craft, that’s how we can truly cultivate confidence in our creative work and life.
The more we show ourselves what we’re capable of, the more we build momentum in our work and our business, and the more we become comfortable with our crappy first drafts and the work it takes to get to our best work, the more confident, clarified, and focused we will feel along the way. Don’t let your self-doubt and fear distract you from becoming the crazy-awesome creative that you’re meant to be.

I was afraid of the new camera at first. I signed up for a Creative Live class on how to use the Canon 5d Mark III. My husband sat by my side and helped me work through the buttons and dials and set-up menus.

And I knew what I needed to do next. I needed to practice. Showing my work, first drafts and all.

I love the way the full frame camera brings my compositions to life. My joy comes from bringing the viewfinder to my eye and feeling the scene with all my being. The camera handles color and light beautifully so that image-processing (my least favorite part of photography) is almost effortless. A few clicks and I'm done. Already I can't imagine my life without this camera. It's like seeing in a whole new way.