From the eCourse, STILL, with Henry Lohmeyer.

Day 8: FEEL

Despite being thoroughly convinced by the science behind mindfulness and meditation, I still struggle to maintain these healthy habits. I have lots of energy. I love to move. My mind stays busy and often wanders.  I am easily distracted. Sometimes I forgo my basic needs for sleep and food and push myself too hard and too long. I’d been feeling frustrated with myself because while I want to travel in the slow lane, I keep drifting into the fast lane as though I need to pass someone.

But then I happened upon a powerful book at the library.

Practical Mindfulness for Busy People: The Art of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai

The book is designed as a hundred-day journey to bring us back to a healthier connection with time.  Think of it as a 100-day ritual that helps instill new habits.

I love this book. I’m seeing changes in my life and my photography practice already – and I’m only up to Day 13, which discusses the value of doing one thing at a time.

These words feel like the key to being relaxed and happy.   

There’s a spaciousness in knowing that you’re doing exactly what you need to be doing right now.
— Pedram Shojai