you're allowed to want what you want

One of my favorite things.

I take long walks on weekends with my friends, sometimes along trails and paths and sometimes through neighborhood streets. Even though we are walking and talking, my head still swivels from side to side, scanning the visual field through habit. Sometimes I see a picture out of the corner of my eye, and I say aloud to my friends, “I’m going to come back and take that picture later today.” My friends are used to this. Sometimes they even point things out to me as potential subjects.

You might think I would forget. You might think the day would slip away with no return trips. And you’d be wrong. I love to go back. The longer I think about the picture, the more compelling the image becomes.

In this case, the vine-ripened red tomatoes sitting on the table beneath the turquoise umbrella captured my attention.

There’s something so right about the last tomatoes of the season, picked from the scraggly plants, just before the first frost of autumn. I see tomatoes and I think – patience.

"You’re allowed to want a slow and simple life. You’re also allowed to want a life full of adventure and experiences. However you want to spend and fill your days, that’s a-okay and completely up to you.
Your life choices don’t have to look like everyone else’s or make other people feel more comfortable about their own. You are not lazy, aggressively ambitious, boring, obsessed with your work, or whatever other words or phrases you use to shame yourself about the way you’ve decided to live your life. You don’t have to justify your choices or your desires to the world."   –Jen Carrington, Weekly Letters, October 2017

Even if all you want to do is walk back to where you started and take a picture.