i love you, honey

Some women might swoon over a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers from their loved one. After all, it feels good to receive a treat ‘just because.’ After 36 years of marriage, my husband knows me well and he brings gifts that speak to my heart.

No flowers for me. I’ll take farm-fresh eggs, an exquisite jar of blueberry honey, and autumn gourds from just-down-the-road Mr. Burnley’s Apiary Farm.

The gifts were thoughtful, and I wanted to take a few pictures to savor the details.

But here’s the rub. I don’t want to stop the flow of my day and the joy of these simple gifts to make a picture – at least not in the “let’s arrange and rearrange things till they look perfect” kind of way. Still life photographs make for beautiful art, but I find them frustrating as photo styling quickly leads to seeking that magazine-like magic. And this sometimes spoils the experience.

A little compromise.  

Picture one. Still life.


Picture two.  Life still.