better together

In David duChemin's episode 72 of the Vision Is Better show, he discusses ways to deal with creative boredom. David's advice is to challenge your ideas, challenge your skills, challenge or change your context, and my personal favorite, to collaborate. David suggests that we find someone to do a project with and allow the ideas of the other person to challenge our own.

Writer, Sage Cohen, shares a similar sentiment. Just replace the word "writing" with "photography" or any other creative pursuit.

Writing is commonly thought to be a solo activity. But I believe that a sustainable writing life takes a village. When we feel connected to community and are engaged in collaboration, our productivity and satisfaction can exponentially increase.
When we gather to share our work, explore our ideas, and declare our intentions, we increase our odds of success.
Why? Because being witnessed adds accountability. Witnessing others is inspiring and invigorating. And seeing ourselves in the context of a tribe of writers who share our commitment and passion gives us a sense of belonging that can be hugely mobilizing.

I usually prefer to take pictures as a solitary pursuit. In truth, I find that taking pictures alongside someone else kind of clouds my view. It's hard to see my way because I keep seeing their way. I feel pressure to perform or maybe even conform, and I lose sight of my own vision. And still, I feel lonely in my work sometimes. I want someone to talk with about this passion, someone who "gets" it, someone to visit museums and galleries with, someone to help me learn, and someone to work with on a project like an essay, exhibition, or community service.

Is there something we could work on together? Want to collaborate? I wonder how much better our photography might become if we challenged each other.

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.
— Proverbs 27:17 New Living Translation (NLT)